Competition for a position of a postdoc (adjunct) in the Department of Molecular Pathology IHG PAS

Director of the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IHG PAS) announces an open competition for the position of a postdoc (adjunct) in the Department of Molecular Pathology.

The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions set out in the Act of 30 April 2010 on the  Polish Academy of Sciences (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 572, as amended) and the Regulations for  conducting competitions for scientific positions at the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of  Sciences in Poznan.

I. General information

  1. Institution announcing the competition: Institute of Human Genetics PAS
  2. City: Poznań
  3. Position: postdoc (adjunct)
  4. Discipline: medical biology
  5. Number of vacancies: 1
  6. Planned remuneration: 15 000 PLN gross per month, ca. 8 500 PLN net per month, full time employment contract starting at 1.01.2019 r.
  7. Deadline for documents submission 25.11.2018
  8. Address to which documents should be submitted: in person or via registered e-mail to Institute of Human Genetics PAS, ul. Strzeszyńska 32, 60-479 Poznań or by e-mail to:, with annotation: “Postdoc First Team”
  9. Link:
  10. Keywords: B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, enhancer, enhancer RNA, CRISPR/Cas9, IGH, BCR, oncogenes
  11. Department in which the candidate would work: Department of Molecular Pathology
  12. A concise description of the scientific research:

The project is carried out within the First Team programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, project leader is dr Agnieszka Dzikiewicz-Krawczyk

Project title: Functional dissection of IGH regulatory regions in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Characteristic feature of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma are recurrent translocations juxtaposing an oncogene (e.g. MYC, BCL2) to the regulatory regions of immunoglobulin heavy chain (IGH) locus. Survival and proliferation of many B-cell lymphomas depends on the expression of the translocated oncogene and on signaling from B-cell receptor expressed from the other functional IGH allele. IGH regulatory elements have been studied in normal B-cell development, but their role in human cancer cells has not been defined. The goal of this project is to identify and characterize the functional elements in IGH regulatory regions and enhancer RNAs (eRNA) essential for B-cell lymphoma cell growth.  We will use state of the art techniques such as RISPR/Cas9 screens, GRO-seq, chromatin immunoprecipitation. This project will be performed in collaboration with scientists from the Netherlands and the US.

Key responsibilities:
1. Setting up the GRO-seq technique and analyzing GRO-seq data in B-cell lymphoma cell lines.
2. Validating eRNA expression in additional cell lines and primary tumor samples.
3. Functional characterization of selected eRNAs.
4. Supervising PhD and master students.
5. Writing scientific papers, presenting results on seminars and conferences.

The project ‘Functional dissection of IGH regulatory regions in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma’ is carried out within the FIRST-TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

II. Requirements for candidates

  1. PhD degree in molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics, medicine or related field (obtained no more than 5 years ago).
  2. Strong knowledge of molecular biology and oncology.
  3. Good experience in RNA, DNA, cell culture and molecular biology techniques (experience in GRO-seq, CRISPR/Cas9, chromatin immunoprecipitation will be an advantage).
  4. Good publication record and conference attendance.
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  6. Independence, self-motivation, problem-solving skills.
  7. Good collaborative and team work skills.

III. Required documents

  1. An application for employment with an address and contact details (email, telephone),
  2. A scan or a photocopy of the university diploma,
  3. A scan or a photocopy of a degree (if applicable),
  4. A scan or a photocopy of a scientific title diploma (if applicable),
  5. CV,
  6. A list of publications, in particular from the last 5 years of the candidate’s scientific work (after accounting for deduction of breaks in scientific work), list of patents/ patent  applications, implementations or implementation projects (if applicable),
  7. Information on number of citations (without self-citations), Hirsch index and the number of years effectively worked in science (after deduction of breaks) (if applicable),
  8. Number of research projects (also application ones) manged by the candidate or in which the candidate was the PI/ main contractor together with 1-3 main publications as project results or other measurable results of the project (if applicable),
  9. At least one opinion of an independent researcher, who is a specialist in a given field described in the announcement,
  10. A self-presentation containing information about scientific interests, current achievements, participation in research projects and description of own research projects, not exceeding 3 500 printing characters (max. 1 A4 page),
  11. Consent to the processing of personal data of the Candidate for the purposes of the competition (click here)
  12. The Candidate’s statement concerning familiarity with the Regulations for conducting competitions for scientific positions at the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan (click here)
  13. The Candidate’s  statement  that  in  case  of  winning  the  competition,  the  Institute  of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences will be his main place of work (click here)

 IV. Criteria for the evaluation of candidates

  1. Creativity measured  by  the  quality  and  number  of  scientific  publications  in  which  the candidate  is  the  first  author,  corresponding  author,  or  significant  author,  together  with patent applications/patents and/or implementations.
  2. Mobility in their scientific  career  (including completed academic  internships,  change  of scientific profile, internships and work in industry).
  3. The number  of  citations  of  the  candidate’s  publications,  especially  those  in  which  the candidate is the first author, corresponding author or significant author.
  4. Creativity measured by the quality and number of managed research projects.
  5. An opinion of an independent researcher (R3-R4).
  6. Experience in laboratory work.
  7. Motivation for work in science.
  8. Communication skills in English.

V. Announcement of results

Up to 30 days after the deadline of documents submission. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview. Each candidate will be individually informed of the results of the competition in relation to him/herself. Information on the winner of the competition will be published on the Institute’s website. The condition for financing a person selected in the competition is acceptance of the recruitment protocol by the Foundation for Polish Science.

VI. Planned period of employment

Period of implementation of the research project, 01.01.2019-31.12.2021

VII. Additional and Human Resources Unit, phone: +48 61 657 9222

VIII. Appeal procedure.

Candidates who have been negatively evaluated by the Competition Commission have the right to appeal  against  the  results  of  the  assessment.  The  appeal  is  submitted  to  the  Director  of  the Institute within 7 days from the date of receipt of negative feedback from the Competition Commission. The decision of the Director of the Institute is final.