The Iinstytut_nowe_zdjecienstitute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IHG PAS) was founded in 1974, and until 2003 operated under the name of the Department of Human Genetics, PAS.

The Institute has the right to confer doctoral degrees (since 2002) and habilitations (since 2010) in the field of medical sciences in the discipline of medical biology and postdoctoral medical sciences in the discipline of medical biology.

The Institute is the leading centre for human genetics research in Poland and a valued partner in scientific cooperation with many institutions in the country and abroad.

The main research areas of the Institute include: cytogenetics, molecular and population genetics, cellular pathology, reproductive biology, mutagenesis and biotechnology. The research conducted at the Institute is related to transgenesis, genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, and proteomics. The research carried out at the Institute, in addition to its valuable cognitive output, has a broad applicative aspect (such as in the diagnostics and treatment of diseases) due to extensive cooperation with other medical institutions.