Departments of Genetic Engineering (GED GMM class I, class II and GED GMO class I) have been established at the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Environment on 11/10/2016.

The departments are headed by associate professor Maciej Giefing, PhD while the duties of Safety Inspector for GMM and GMO usage are held by Natalia Rozwadowska, PhD.

As part of the GED structure the Biosafety Committee was appointed:

  • Associate professor Małgorzata Jarmuż-Szymczak, PhD (Department of Cancer Genetics)
  • Prof. Andrzej Pławski, (Department of Nucleic Acids Function)
  • Małgorzata Dawidowska, PhD (Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics)
  • Magdalena Żurawek, PhD (Department of Molecular Pathology)
  • Agnieszka Zimna, PhD (Department of Reproductive Biology and Stem Cells)