1. Małgorzata Strecker, MSc – Deputy Director of Administration
  2. Ewa Gawrońska-Ratajczak, MSc – Chief Accountant
  3. Aleksandra Jakubowska-Pawłowska – Independent Clerk
  4. Wojciech Cieśliński, MSc – Accountant
  5. Joanna Cymerys MSc – Independent Clerk
  6. Piotr Dobry, MSc – Independent Clerk
  7. Ewa Gołębiewska, MSc – Scientific Secretary
  8. Katarzyna Janke, MSc – Independent Clerk
  9. Marcin Kęsikiewicz – IT specialist
  10. Katarzyna Kuźniewska – Lab technician
  11. Agnieszka Konieczka, MSc – Independent Clerk
  12. Agnieszka Możejko, MSc – Research Coordinator
  13. Alicja Radajewska, MSc – Independent Accountant
  14. Anna Roszkiewicz, MSc – Independent Accountant
  15. Monika Rusiłowska, MSc – Independent Accountant
  16. Urbańska-Kicuła Monika , MSc – Specialist
  17. Witaszak Przemysław, Clerk
  18. Tomasz Woźniak – Bioinformatician
  19. Arleta Zachodnia – Lab technician
  20. Grzegorz Zamelczyk – Independent Clerk


The most important tasks of the administrative unit of IHG PAS include:

  1.  ensuring the organizational and administrative operating performance of the Institute,
  2.  drafting internal legal acts,
  3.  supervising the investment expenditure and operational supply of the Institute,
  4.  executing procedures of public procurement,
  5.  proper management of the Institute’s assets,
  6.  carrying out investments, renovations and repairs to equipment,
  7.  supervising the maintenance/servicing of equipment, telephone communications and internal/external computer networks,
  8.  ensuring implementation of and compliance with health and safety regulations,
  9.  carrying out inspections aimed at preventing fallacious or illegal acts; this includes drafting contracts, agreements and other documents that involve financial and economic implications, and
  10.  maintaining tidiness in the Institute.