The Council

Head of the Council

dr Agnieszka Malcher Department of Reproductive Biology and Stem Cells

Deputy head of the Council

dr Kinga Bednarek Department of Cancer Genetics

Members of the Council

dr Tomasz Kolanowski Department of Molecular Pathology
dr Oliwia Zakerska-Banaszak Department of Nucleic Acid Function
mgr Rim Ibrahim Department of Reproductive Biology and Stem Cells
mgr Natalia Maćkowska-Maślak Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics
mgr Alicja Rabiasz Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics

Activities of the Council

The basis for the Council’s regulations is contained in § 1-3 of the Order of the Director of the IHG PAS of 22nd November 2017, regarding the appointment of the Young Scientists Council. The Council is an auxiliary and intermediary body between the Young Scientific Employees of the Institute and the Coordinator for the Young Scientists of the Institute, Prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Jaruzelska.

Definition of the Young Scientific Employee, adopted by the Council, inspired by the European Charter for Researchers:
A young scientist at the IHG PAS is a person conducting scientific work, whose goal is to obtain a post-doctoral degree(habilitation), regardless of the method of employment and the age criterion. The definition therefore includes PhD students and postdoctoral employees, who have chosen the path of professional development assuming obtaining a postdoctoral degree (habilitation), but have not yet achieved full academic independence.

The Council adopts a policy of openness to proposals and conclusions from the Institute’s Young Scientific Employees and encourages direct contact with the Council members to present matters that require any intervention or advice from the Council.

The Council of Young Researchers at IGC PAN is involved in various activities, which include

  • Reviewing and evaluating mini-grant applications.
  • Establishing the Promoter’s Code of Conduct at IGC PAN.
  • Collaborating and co-organizing seminars and journal clubs for the R2 group (post-PhD researchers).
  • Assisting the Staff Development Committee in developing regulations for awarding doctoral degrees in modes I and II.
  • Coordinating meetings between the R1 group (PhD students) and the Director of IGC PAN.

Integration meeting of R1 and R2 groups

A fantastic gathering took place at the Institute of Human Genetics on 11th October 2023, orchestrated by the Council of Young Researchers, bringing together the R1 group of enthusiastic Ph.D. students and the R2 group of experienced postdocs. Laughter filled the air as we embarked on a quirky bingo game and shared hilarious lab mishaps. Mouthwatering delicacies added to the festive atmosphere. However, the ultimate source of amusement was the photo booth, where we captured memorable moments filled with joy and camaraderie.


R1 and R2 meeting video
Important information for new IHG emloyes

Recipients of IGC PAN mini-grants to date

Zuzanna Bukowy-Bieryłło
Maciej Śmiałek
Katarzyna Kiwerska
Aleksandra Zielińska
Marta Kazimierska
Alicja Rabiasz
Magdalena Żurawek
Zuzanna Bukowy-Bieryłło
Oliwia Zakerska-Banaszak

Additional Information

Please note that mini-grant funding has been temporarily suspended. For further details, kindly reach out to one of the RMPN members.