The Institute in TV Program ‘Medycyna i Ty’

On Friday, 29th May 2020 and on Sunday, 31st May, 2020, TVP3 Poznań broadcast a program devoted to the coronavirus pandemic. Representatives of the Institute of Human Genetics PAS  took part in the programme – professor Michał Witt,  Director and professor Andrzej Pławski, Head of the COVID-19 Diagnostic Laboratory.

Chance for healing of post-infarction heart

Physicians from Poznan invented new regeneration method for healing of post-infarction heart. Interview with prof. Kurpisz, Head of Dept. of Reproductive Biology and Stem Cells (Teleexpress, 13.02.2017).

Biologist’s Night.

Dr Natalia Rozwadowska, as coordinator of ” Biologist’s Night” on behalf of “Gen-i-już” Association gave an interview to Radio Mercury on workshops for children. 13 stycznia br.