Dr Wacław Mayzel Medical Laurel

Wojciech Łosiewski, MSc, has received “Dr Wacław Mayzel Medical Laurel”, an honorary award of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences for students.

Prof. Aleksander Szczygieł Prize

The Polish Society of Nutritional Sciences awarded the Prof. Aleksander Szczygieł Prize for the research work published in 2021 to the team consisting of dr Kinga Gawlińska, dr Dawid Dawliński, Ewelina Kowal-Wiśniewska, dr hab Małgorzata Jarmuż-Szymczak, prof Małgorzata Filip.

Title of professor of medical and health sciences

By the decision of August 1, 2022, the President of the Republic of Poland conferred on Maciej Giefing the academic title of Professor of Medical and Health Sciences.

Marta Kasprzyk received the Aegan Conference FEBS Award

During the 4th International Conference on the Long and the Short of Non-Coding RNAs, which took place 12th June – 17th June 2022, on Rhodes, Greece, Marta Kasprzyk, MSc a phd student in the The Independent Research Group of Non-coding Parts of the Genome, led by Agnieszka Dzikiewicz-Krawczyk, PhD, received the Aegan Conference FEBS Award.