Under academic licenses, through the Virtual Library of Science (WBN), we enjoy a free access to scientific databases, including the collection of magazines, e.g. Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Science, Nature, Scopus and Web of Science, as well as open publishing programs: Springer Open Choice and Scoap3.

Under consortia licenses, we have access to Oxford University Press (OUP), the collection of specialized e-magazines. Magazines are made available as part of the Medicine collection (over 100 titles). The OUP license includes current issues and archives from 1996, with the right of indefinite access to the subscribed collection from the license period on the publisher’s server.

The national Springer license has been extended and now allows access to more than 112,000 English-language e-books from all years.

The WBN website has also launched a domain e-book browser, which will ultimately include all books available in WBN under the national licenses of Elsevier, Springer and Wiley.