IHG PAS becomes a member of the ERDERA partnership – European Rare Diseases Research Alliance selected in the Horizon Europe call for European partnership on rare diseases 2024-2031

In the completed Horizon Europe call HORIZON-HLTH-2023-DISEASE-07-01 European Partnership on Rare Disease, ERDERA – European Rare Diseases Research Alliance was selected as the European partnership on rare diseases for the period of 2024-2031. During the partnership formation process and the call application preparation, IHG PAS together with 170 organisations from across Europe became part of a consortium of partner organizations.

The European Commission positively evaluated the application from EDERERA – European Rare Diseases Research Alliance and qualified it for financing.

It is worth highlighting IHG PAS is the only research institution from Poland that has become a partner in the ERDERA partnership.

Being a member of ERDERA will allow IHG PAS to help shape the thematic scope of future calls announced, and in addition to that, IHG PAS will also benefit from a training programme planned as part of the ERDERA.

Once the programme implementation starts, ERDERA will be announcing calls for research projects. Grants awarded as a result of these calls will be co-funded by national agencies associated in the partnership (in Poland it will be National Centre for Research and Development – NCBR).

The ERDERA consortium coordinator is the Thematic Institute of Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics, INSERM from France.

The IHG PAS team involved in the ERDERA work are:
Prof. Andrzej Pławski, Ph.D – Primary Investigator (PI) at IHG PAS
Prof. Michał Witt, Ph.D
Prof. Ewa Ziętkiewicz, Ph.D
Małgorzata Dawidowska, Assist. Professor, Ph.D
Katarzyna Iżykowska, Ph.D
Tomasz Woźniak, Ph.D
Adam Ustaszewski, M.Sc
Monika Knaur, M.SC
Marta Anders – Administrative coordinator

Prof. Andrzej Pławski, as Primary Investigator (PI) together with the above mentioned team of scientists , will be involved in the ERDERA work in the “Diagnostic data availability” work package.

Work of EDERERA partnership will be financed from the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme. Total grant amount awarded for the partnership of 171 organizations amounts to EUR 56,929,272.62 (first 3 years)

Programme entire duration: 84 months