IHG PAS will coordinate Twinning project within Horizon 2020 Programme

The Institute of Human Genetics PAS (coordinator) in cooperation with the University of Ghent (Belgium), the University of Ulm (Germany) and the University of Groningen (Netherlands) from January 2021 starts implementation of the project entitled ‘On the road to excellence in unravelling the (epi) genetic landscape of hematologic neoplasms’ – NEXT LEVEL, financed by the Horizon 2020 Program within the Twinning call. The consortium will receive funding of EUR 899 525.

The following team is involved in the preparation and implementation of the project:
Assoc. professor Maciej Giefing, PhD (project coordinator on  behalf of IHG PAS)
Assoc. professorMałgorzata Dawidowska, PhD
Assoc. professor Agnieszka Dzikiewicz, PhD
Assoc. professorNatalia Rozwadowska, PhD
Agnieszka Możejko
Anna Stachowiak – Schrejbrowska, PhD

The aim of the project is to develop research excellence of IGC PAN through cooperation with excellent  foreign centers, including lectures, workshops and seminars, short-term (up to 3 months) mobility of staff  and PhD students, participation in networking and brokerage events, scientific conferences, joint publications and outreach activities.