New investment in the Institute

The Ministry of Education and Science awarded the Institute of Human Genetics PAS a grant of PLN 4 898 057.03 for the purchase of research equipment ‘PANAKEIA – Platform for confocal analysis and tissue electrophysiology of atomic forces’.

The platform is distinguished by the uniqueness of solutions and a wide spectrum of integrated specialized techniques for complex intravital imaging of tissues and cells. It enables, among others, super-resolution confocal imaging, atomic force measurements, or imaging of cells in microfluidic systems. In addition, using PANAKEI, electrophysiology measurements of cells undergoing excitation can be performed, and high-speed frame-by-frame measurements (up to 1600 fps) enable accurate high-resolution tracking of cell contractions or respiratory cilia movement.

The new equipment will expand the range of research techniques available at IGC PAS, and will allow to increase the level of advancement of the Institute’s scientific research in many fields, which will translate into broader cooperation with other scientific institutions and industry.