Professor Ryszard Słomski – Polish representative at EFSA

Professor Ryszard Słomski, deputy director for science of IHG PAS  has been invited to participate in the work and meetings of EFSA Scientific Network for Risk Asessment of GMOs.

European Food Safety Authority EFSA is an European Union agency dealing with independent scientific advice on existing and emerging food chain hazards. EFSA’s headquarter is located in Parma. A great benefit of participating in EFSA’s work is access to the latest information on research methods in the field of genomics, synthetic biology and gene drive. Currently, work is underway to evaluate the existing guidelines on molecular characterization and environmental risk assessment for genetically modified plants obtained using synthetic biology, public consultation and assessment of existing guidelines in terms of their adequacy to the characteristics of microorganisms and assessment of the environmental risk of microorganisms obtained using synthetic biology.