Learning outcomes at the International Doctoral School
of the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań

PhD candidates graduating from the International Doctoral School at the IHG PAS in Poznań achieve the following learning outcomes in terms of:

1. Knowledge

  • Have extensive knowledge of medical biology, with particular emphasis on human genetics,
  • Have advanced knowledge, taking into account the latest achievements in the areas, directly related to the subject of conducted research;
  • Know research techniques used in human biology, genetics and genomics, and are able to use them in their scientific work;
  • Are able to assess the value of research publications, research projects and posses knowledge concerning principles and possibilities of project funding,
  • Posses knowlegde in the field of ethics applicable in scientific activities.

2. Skills

  • Posses skills to independently search, analyse, select and evaluaate information from various sources of knowledge ,
  • Are able to critically analyse the results of scientific work related to conducted research,
  • Posses research skills enabling them publication of obtained results in renowed journals,
  • Posses skills enabling them transferring their knowledge during seminars, conferences and lectures for students,
  • Are able to prepare a research project independently.

3. Social competences

  • Are people involved in the scientific and sociala life,
  • Can serve with their knowledge the society in their field of expertise,
  • Are aware of their own research competences and are able to critically assess their level in relations to the standards dominant in the practiced field of knowledge and their own specialty,
  • Are aware of belonging to the scientific community and understand the need to represent their interests in society.