Recruitment for the International Doctoral  School
Institute Of Human Genetics Polish Academy Of Sciences

The IHG PAS in Poznań announces the recruitment for the International Doctoral School.

Detailed information can be found at: 

When applying for admission to doctoral studies, the candidate should submit to the secretary’s office of doctoral studies (Strzeszyńska 32 (room B1) or electronically to the following address: the following documents:

  1. A written request for admission addressed to the Director of the IHG PAS along with motivation to participate in doctoral studies (download),
  2. Curriculum vitae,
  3. Survey for candidates for doctoral studies (download) (download)
  4. A copy of the diploma confirming the possession of a second degree qualification corresponding to the professional title of a master’s degree, a master’s degree in engineering or an equivalent qualifying to take up third degree studies or the status of the beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” program,
  5. Personal questionnaire with two ID photos (download),
  6. Written consent of the future academic supervisor to take care of a doctoral student,
  7. Written assurance about the funding source for the scholarship and research, signed by the future academic supervisor and the director / head of the unit,
  8. Consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of recruitment (download).

The compliance of the data from the questionnaire with the identity document will be verified – in the case of persons who are not Polish citizens.

The starting date of the recruitment:  19.07.2019

The deadline for submitting applications is:  21.08.2019

Scheduled interview date: within 14 days of the application deadline. Candidates will be informed by electronic mail on about the date of the interview.

The scope of the interview covers issues in the field of medical sciences, in the discipline of medical biology, issues related to the master’s thesis and assumptions for the planned doctoral project.

Foreign diplomas

All higher education diplomas obtained outside of Poland need to be certified with an apostille or legalised in their country of issue.

Apostille is a stamp or a printed form that allows diplomas issued in one country to be legally recognised in another ountry.  Apostille is issued in the same country that has issued the document. The list of institutions issuing apostille: .

Legalisation confirms that a diploma is original and valid in the country of issuance. The diploma must be legalised if it is not possible to obtain an apostille as the country where the document was issued has not signed the Hague Convention.  The diploma can be legalised by the Polish consul in the country of the document’s issuance.


The documents issued in a language other than Polish needs to be translated into Polish or English. The translation should be certified by a Polish sworn translator (person registered on the list of sworn translators and interpreters kept by the Minister of Justice:, UE sworn translator (when the institution of sworn translator occure in the legal system) or by Polish consulateor (consul).

Recognition of diplomas

The  degree diploma gives access to doctoral studies or gives right to start doctoral proceedings if it fulfils at least one of the criteria listed below:

  • gives access to doctoral studies or gives right to start doctoral proceedings in the country where it was obtained
  • confirms completion of a joint programme provided by foreign higher education institutions and gives access to doctoral studies or gives right to start doctoral proceedings in at least one of the country in the education of which it was provided
  • is recognised on the basis of an international agreement

If the presented diploma does not give direct access to Phd/doctoral programme in the country where it was obtained, and the holder still wants to continue education in Poland, then the diploma should be subject to the nostrification procedure before commencing the studies.

More information:

ATTENTION: at the stage of the recruitment process, there is no requirement to present documents certified by the apostille clause/legalisation nor the requirement of nostrification of diplomas. These requirements must be met if the candidate is accepted.

Information clause concerning processing of personal data – enrolment for doctoral studies.

The function of Data Protection Officer (DPO) shall be performed by the DPO: Rafał Andrzejewski.
Contact with the Inspector of Personal Data Protection is possible in the following way:

  1. As a rule, we recommend you contact us by e-mail: This form will enable us to respond in a concrete and transparent way to the correspondence you send us.
  2. You can also contact to the Data Protection Officer by phone: 504 976 690.