Dr. Hanna Przystałowska Macioła is employed at the Institute since 2019, but periodically she has been cooperating with the Institute since 2008 when she started her master thesis and during doctoral studies being involved in several projects. Her PhD thesis about obtaining modified E. coli capable to convert renewable energy source defended at Poznań University of Life Sciences in 2014. As an employee of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department (PULS) she carried out research using genetic engineering, molecular biology in Xenotransplantation, Green Chemistry and Onkokan projects. She was a scholarship holder funded by project “Scholarship support for PhD students specializing in majors strategic for Wielkopolska’s development”, Sub-measure 8.2.2 Human Capital Operational Programme, co-financed by European Union under the European Social Fund.

As an employee of the Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics at the Institute of Human Genetics Polish Academy of Sciences she participates in the field of ciliopathy using such methods as primary respiratory epithelial cells cultures for ciliogenesis, high-speed videomicroscopy (SAVA software) and immunofluorescent staining of ciliary proteins.