I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics. My research interests include molecular human population diversity in both cognitive and application aspects. In my work, I use a variety of molecular methods, including high-throughput methods (microarrays, next generation sequencing).
Research projects:
NN303307737: Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny in Polish subpopulations- ethnogenetic and identification aspects”- Head of the PhD grant

AriaDNA OR00 0027 12: Analysis of gene, transcriptome and methylome variability at the cellular level in human population to forensic identification purpose- Principal investigator in the R&D subproject


Genetyczna różnorodność współczesnych populacji ludzkich.

Daca-Roszak P, Ziętkiewicz E;

W: Genetyka medyczna i molekularna pod red. prof. Jerzego Bala, Wyd. PWN SA, Warszawa, 2017; ISBN: 978-83-01-19263-1: 51-71

Primary ciliary dyskinesia in the Polish population – from understanding the genetic basis to introduction of personalized therapy.

Bukowy-Bieryłło Z, Voelkel K, Dąbrowski M, Rutkiewicz E, Daca-Roszak P, Wojda A, Witt M, Ziętkiewicz E;

Annual Report 2017 Polish Academy of Sciences, 2017: 66-68.