New research grants in the Institute

Four new research projects by researchers of IGC PAS have received funding from the National Science Centre.


Title: Genome-wide assessment of chromatin accessibility and sequence variants in non-coding regulatory elements in the pathogenesis of keratoconus
PI: prof. Marzena Gajęcka, PhD
Funding: 2 601 521 PLN
Project implemented within consortium: Institute of Human Genetics PAS (leader), Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Warsaw Medical University

Title: BCOR alterations and the activation of CXCL12 oncogenic pathway in classical Hodgkin lymphoma
PI: Maciej Giefing, PhD
Funding: 1 768 146 PLN


Title: The effect of mesenchymal and muscle stem /progenitor cells in the MDX dystrophic mouse model on the function and molecular background of skeletal muscles
PI: Magdalena Nowaczyk, Msc.
Funding: 209 913 PLN

Title: Identification of mTOR pathway deregulation mechanisms alternative to mutations in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL)
PI: Natalia Maćkowska-Maślak, Msc.
Funding: 209 950 PLN


Title: “Badanie mechanizmu braku odpowiedzi na przeciwciała anty-TNF – farmakogenetyka w rozwoju terapii personalizowanej choroby Leśniewskiego-Crohna”
PI: dr Michał Walczak
Funding: 46 239 PLN