She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the Faculty of Science, at The Lebanese University in Lebanon. She obtained a master’s degree in Biology defending her thesis entitled “The possible causes of in vitro sperm vacuolization and its impact on chromatin integrity” which was conducted in A-clinic fertility lab in Beirut- Lebanon, under the direct supervision of Dr.Jessica Azoury and Dr.George Raad.
She obtained another master’s degree in Biology from Paris-Sud University in France, defending her thesis entitled “The effect of heterozygous inhibition of WNK1 on acute kidney Injury induced in mice by ischemia /reperfusion”. The work for this project was conducted at INSERM U1155 Paris-France, under the direct supervision of Dr. Juliette Hadchouel. During this internship she gained most of her research experience.
She practiced artificial reproductive technologies working as a junior embryologist at a fertility laboratory in Tripoli-Lebanon; Centre Belgo-Libanais d’infertilité.
Currently she is a PhD student, participates in the OPUS 19 project entitled “Systematic genomic search for novel genes/variants in consanguineous families including males with reproductive failure”.