Dr. Aleksandra Zielińska appointed as Guest Editor of Special Issue in Toxics (IF = 3.271)

Dr. Aleksandra Zielińska from the Department of Nucleic Acid Function has been appointed by publisher MDPI as Guest Editor of Special Issue entitled Current Research on the Cytotoxicity of Drugs to Humans and Animals in Toxics (ISSN 2305-6304; @Toxics_MDPI).

This Special Issue aims to cover current research in veterinary and medicine focused on the cytotoxicity of drugs and will publish papers describing the recent advances, and technological challenges alongside examples of safely used drugs, but also an innovative solutions that reduce the cytotoxicity of drugs, the possible risk of side effects in humans and/or animals, as well as promising therapies in the treatment of the most common diseases.

All concerned are highly invited to submit papers by April 30, 2021.

More information is available on the journal’s website: