The Ludwik Hirszfeld prize for prof. Maciej Kurpisz

Prof. Maciej Kurpisz has been awarded by the decision of Chairman and the Board of Polish Society for Experimental and Clinical Immunology with the Ludwik Hirszfeld medal for his outstanding contribution to development of Immunology in Poland

Award in the contest organized by the Poznań branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Maciej Dabrowski, MSci, was granted a honorable mention in the contest for the best original paper published in 2016, with a PhD student as the leading author. The work entitled  “Aminoglycoside-stimulated readthrough of premature termination codons in selected genes involved in primary ciliary dyskinesia” [Bukowy-Bieryłło Z, Dąbrowski M, Witt M, Zietkiewicz E] was published in RNA Biol, 2016, 13 (10): 1041-1050].