[27/2022/IGC/PSD] Announcement concerning recruitment to the Poznań Doctoral School of the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PDS IPAS) as part of a research project

The Director of the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IHG PAS), and leader of the current research project, Marzena Gajęcka, PhD  gives notice of an open competition to be held for the position of PhD student-scholarship holder at the Poznan Doctoral School of Institutes PAS, Department of Cancer Genetics IHG PAS

Marta Kasprzyk received the Aegan Conference FEBS Award

During the 4th International Conference on the Long and the Short of Non-Coding RNAs, which took place 12th June – 17th June 2022, on Rhodes, Greece, Marta Kasprzyk, MSc a phd student in the The Independent Research Group of Non-coding Parts of the Genome, led by Agnieszka Dzikiewicz-Krawczyk, PhD, received the Aegan Conference FEBS Award.

Helices 2022 awarded during the VI Polish Genetics Congress

During the VI Polish Genetics Congress held in Cracow on June 27-30th, 2022 MSc Joanna Jurczak, MSc Marta Kasprzyk and MSc Alicja Rabiasz were awarded “Helisa 2022” for the best posters presented on the Human Genetics session.