I am a Master’s graduate from Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India and pursued my Doctoral studies in Animal Sciences program at the School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. During my Ph.D program, I gained proficiency in proteomic studies using 2D-gel electrophoresis and metabolite studies using RP-HPLC-ECD method. I have established proteome maps of the central nervous system in various postembryonic developmental stages of Bombyx mori. Further, few developmental markers involved in neuromodulation of Bombyx mori were identified.

I joined the Department of Nucleic Acid Functions at this Institute in 2022. The current research is of great interest for me as it gives me opportunity to explore other dimensions of proteomics by studying RNA-protein interactions. The current project focuses on the “NANOS1 RNP-interactome: structure and dynamics during specification/early stages of human germ cell development – significance for human reproduction”. The project anticipates and hypothesize that the double p.[Pro34Thr; Ser78del] mutation causes alterations of the structure of NANOS1 interactome, and a comparison between wt-NANOS1 and v-NANOS1 interactomes will enable to pinpoint pathway(s) essential for human germ cell specification/early development.