Zapraszamy na prezentację pt. „The xCELLigence Cardio and CardioECR: Simultaneous and Multi-Parametric Functional Analysis of Cardiomyocytes”

Prowadzący: Silke Schwengberg, Ph.D., ACEA Biosciences
Data: 5 października 2016 r. (środa), godz. 10:00
Miejsce: Instytut Genetyki Człowieka PAN (sala seminaryjna)


accela-logoThe talk will introduce the xCELLigence impedance-base Real-Time Cell Analyser (RTCA) technology as a tool for a multi-parametrica functional analysis of cardiomyocytes.

The RTCA xCELLigence Cardio instrument uses impedance to monitor cell viability and spontaneous beating of the cardiomyoctes in real time.

The RTCA xCELLigence CardioECR is the first platform to allow simultaneous measurement of cardiomyocyte contractility by impedance, and the electrical activity of the cardiomyocytes by measurement of their field potential. Moreover, it combines the impedance and field potential electrodes with a pacing function.

Both systems are designed to be placed in a standard cell culture incubator with physiological temperature, CO2 level and humidity, allowing a controlled assay environment and suitability for long-term measurements.

Both systems can be used with stemcell-derived cardiomyocytes or primary cardiomyocytes from various origins. They provide significant benefit to both the pharmaceutical industry and the basic cardiology research field.

The CardioECR is part of the FDA/HESI validation studies to use novel cardiomyocyte model systems together with platforms that can provide incisive information on the pro-arrhythmic risk of compounds.